A Ministry of Healing, Redemption & Reconciliation

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”
-Roman 10:9

We give to God in gratitude of what God has done and with expectation for what He’s about to do. We plant seeds knowing that God will give the increase.

Just sowing $5 – is based on the principle that small actions of devotion shape our future and any amount even $5 can be powerful and have dynamic results just like God’s love.

Don’t sow-a-seed today because you feel you have to, but sow if that’s something you’ve decided you’re going to do. Planting a seed is the first step toward growth.

See What God is Doing in the Lives of Others

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Prayer Request Message (Received July 14th): 

“I’m standing in the need of healing.  Pray that every stronghold would be released from my marriage so we can prosper. My husband needs to be focused on us–his family.  Bind every wicked attack and send it back to the sender in Jesus Name.  Come against everything that is meant to destroy my family.  We lost my father 4 months ago and it’s been drama ever since.  Pray for us to be together and for covenant relationship to be restored with my family”.  (Click to witness Latonya S. from Tulsa, OK life changing)


Seed-Faith Principle

Seed-Faith living means that you do what Jesus did:

  • You love first.

  • You give first.

  • You pray for others first.

  • You smile first.

  • You take the first step.

Did you know you are alive and well today because of the seeds someone else has sown

Seed-Faith Way of Life Prayer

A bell is not a bell
till you ring it,
A song is not a song
till you sing it,
Love in your heart
is not put there to stay,
Love is not love
till you give it away.